Signs It's Time For A New Roof

Our home is the largest purchase we will ever make, it is our safe place, one of the only places we can be comfortable and relax but that comfort comes at a cost so we need to take care of out homes and make sure every part is in top shape.
The roof is in fact the most important part of the home, that and the walls protect everything else, protects the house from all the different weather conditions mother nature can throw at it, protects the home from critters getting in the home and making a place to live as well.

Different Signs Of An Old Roof

I would like to start by saying that one must get up on top of the roof inorder to get a real good visual inspection of the roofing and the condition it is in. Climbing up a latter and walking around the roof is not safe and should not be done if you are not full comfortable, one wrong step and one can get seriously injured and could result in death. PLEASE consult a professional.

Cracks in the shingles and tiles do not mean the roof needs to be replaced if caught soon enough but if not regularly inspected and ignored this can result in further damage and water being able to enter under the roofing material causing more problems than on can easily see.

Wind is a huge problem inour area of Hemet, San Jacinto, Beaumont and Banning. We are in between mountains to the north and south creating this wind tunnel, at times getting wind gusts of 60-70mph. Over time, with enough wind shingles become a little loose and if not repaired quickly these loose shingles will begin to pull up the ones around it, soonmost of the roof is loose and is better to replace the roofing than it would to repair it.

Exposed tar, shingles have litle granules on them, kind of like sand almost and held in place with black tar. Old shingles will have these granules missing and the tar underneath will tbe visible. If it is only a couple shingle that have this problem they can be replaced but considering the entire roof is the same age it will be a good idea to start planning to get some roof estimates.

Shingles curling up is a sign of very old roofing, this is usually past the point of missing granules and the weather has got to the shingles, going from wet to dry so many times will make them curl. If your roof is like this then I would recommend calling a roofing contractor as soon as possible to get estimates and get the roof replaced before the next rain comes.

Nails coming through the shingles. Shingles have a thin layer of tar on the back of them, when the roofing is installed the shingles get nailed downclose to the middle of the shingle, as the sun comes up the single heats up and the tar gets sticky, then when it cools the shingle will stick to the bottom layer. If you see nails then the shingles will begin to lift when we have high winds.

Chimney area, this area is a large weak spot on the roof for water if it is not professionally done. This area of the roofing is called a chimney cricket, it takes a professional roofer to know exactly how to roof this area because water will run down the roof and puddle creating water leaks.

Flashings, these are metal products used when there is a penitration in the roofing. Roofing flasings are used around vents and in the lower area of the chimney. If these flashing are poorly installed or rusted from how old they are, they need to be replaced.

DIY Roof Repair

There are times that a homeowner is able to fix some of these issues if ythey are comfortable in climbing on the roof safely. sometimes a bit of mastic can solve to problem but is usually just a quick fix but not a solution.
I would highly recommend getting a professional roofing contractor to come take a look. Many will give free estimates or take the charge off the roof relacement if they are hired.

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