Mobile home roof repair is a service to help you with your manufactured home.  Many people live in manufactured homes in the area and don't know where to turn to when they have a roofing issue.  However, Mr. Roofing Repair offers many mobile home roof repair services.  Flat roofs are very common in manufactured homes. However, they are not on stick-built homes, making them unusual.  Because of this, not all roofing companies work on them.  Flat roofs are a different type of roof than say the basic asphalt roof and will need a different type of approach. 

We also offer mobile home roof repair for asphalt roofs as well.  If your roof is leaking you need to call a roofing company that you can trust to get you the proper roofing inspection and assure they understand how to fix the problem.  From storm damage to aging roofs, there are many reasons why our roofs leak.  However, determine the cause and how to fix it should be done by a professional.

Mobile Home Roof Inspection

Mr. Roofing Repair provides mobile home roof inspections and will assist you with any repairs.  We work with clients to actually show them what we find.  This is done by images taken on our phones.  If we happen to find a large hole, we will investigate the attic area to find the rest of the damage.  If you have a leak inside the home, that means there is more than just roof damage. You have ceiling damage and possibly insulation damage that will need to be repaired.  Because of this, we need to do a thorough inspection to get you a proper quote.  We take the time to go over our findings and tell you the most affordable way to tackle this problem.

We have worked with many manufactured homeowners and are happy to assist you with your mobile home roofing issue.  Give us a call and let's take a look at what your roofing system consists of.  There are all kinds of roofing systems out there.  As a Hemet roofing contractor, we have worked with all of them for roof repair, to complete roof installation, and even changing out the roofline completely.  Our dedicated team members take pride in their work and it shows.  We are certain that you will be very impressed with the way it will turn out and it will last for years to come.

Mobile Home Roofing Contractor

All of our roofs are built to last. How long they last will be up the type of roofing system that it is.  However, we are happy to go over the details and what to expect from your particular roof.  If you have roof damage from wind or a storm, we can assist with this as well.  We have helped many homeowners with filing their insurance claims in order to get the repair covered.  We understand who you need to contact and what is going to be needed from us. If you have storm damage and are at a loss, give us a call.  Our emergency roofing services can put a tarp over it and secure your roof until the proper repairs can be approved by the insurance company.  Most storm damage is covered by homeowners' insurance, but it might take a little time to be approved.  Not a problem. 

If you have a tree or other large object on your roof, get out.  Don't stay inside where the tree could further crush the home and the occupants inside.  Your home was not built to hold that kind of weight and it could be devastating.  Be sure that you take along your pets as well as give us a call.  We can cut up the tree and tarp the roof to get by until insurance funds arrive.

Roofing Contractor For Mobile Homes

Roof sealing is another very important service that we offer for mobile home roofs.  Many times your roof can be sealed with another layer of tar.  While some homeowners like to try to tackle this on their own, most would rather leave that sticky stuff to the professionals.  Roof sealing can buy you time with the roof that you currently have.  If this is a viable option for you, we will certainly offer that.  We understand that roof repair and roof replacement is a very big investment for most homeowners.  However, at some point, it will need to be done due to age.  We are a roofing contractor that wants to give our clients options when possible.  Once they have all the roofing information and inspection information from us, they can make an informed decision on how to proceed.  

Most manufactured homes come with the roof right from the factory.  Whatever that roof was is what we would offer to replace it with.  However, you would like a change in the materials or look of the roof, now is the best time to speak up.  Some mobile homeowners want to change out their flat roof for a peaked roof and shingles and that can certainly be done.  We can also replace your asphalt roof with a metal roof that would last much longer.

Mobile Home Roofs and Storm Damage

As a mobile home roofing contractor, we understand what to look for during wind damage caused by a strom.  We have been working on mobile home roofs for many years and have assisted people with their damaged and aged roofs time and time again.  The roofing industry is very competitive.  However, we are a local roofing company located in Beaumont, serving Banning, Hemet, San Jacinto, Idyllwild and surrounding area, we are dedicated to helping our clients get the very best option possible.  We are also here in the future, should there be a problem with the roof that we have installed. 

While many roofing companies are storm chasers and will show up after the storms hit and take on many roofing jobs at once and leave, we don't leave.  These companies often sub-par work and you are left holding the bag only a few short years later. Be sure that you do your research and understand who you are dealing with.  Always hire a local roofing company that has a good online reputation.  A little due diligence can save you a huge headache later.  Call today and let's get started on your roofing needs.

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