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We are a professional roofing contractor in Beaumont CA that can handle any new roof installation and roofing repairs on residential roofing, commercial roofing, or specialty roofing repair and installation. We are one of the top professional roofing companies in Beaumont, Banning, Yucaipa, Hemet roofing repairs, and San Jacinto roofing contractor working on a wide variety of roof types, including roofs made of tile, metal roofs as well as composition shingle roofing, flat roofing, asphalt roofs, wood shake roofs, roof coating, and single ply roofing with many more options available. Be sure to higher us, professional and reliable roofing company when you’re in need of a new roof or dealing with unexpected roof leaks.

Beaumont CA Roofing Styles

Asphalt Shingles Roofing

asphalt shingle repair installation
Asphalt shingle roofing is the most common roofing material, covering a high percentage of roofs in the US. Comes in a very large variety of colors and styles.

Roof Tiles

tile roofing repair and installation
This roofing option has caught up with the times, no long made of week clay. Newer and stronger clay options are available, along with concrete and fiber cemet,. With a large variety of colors and styles you'll be sure to find one that will look fantastic. 

Wood Shingles - Shake Roofing

woo shake roofing repair installation
Wood gives your home a natural look, with cedar, redwood, cypress and pressure-treated pine, you will be able to choose the best option for the look you're going for.

Flat Roofing

flat rolled roofing repair installation
Flat roofing a lot different that the other types of roofing and can be slightly more expensive as well.  The options for colors are limited as well.

Slate Roofing

slate roofing installation and repair
Slate roofing is not seen on too many houses but can add a very nice look to your home.

Metal Roofing

metal roof repair installation
Metal roofing has came a long way over the past few years, we are well past the basic sheet of metal roofing.  Today there are many styles to choose from including metal roofing that looks very similar to shingles, tile, and shake roofing.

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  • All roof repairs and roof installations are inspected for quality assurance.
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Beaumont CA Certified Roofing Inspections

Regular roofing maintenance is an easy preventative action to secure your home. It is always a good idea to do whatever you can to protect your home investment. A roof that is properly maintained can save you thousands of dallors in repairs, you not only benefit from an increased life expectancy of your roof but also preparation for major roofing expenses.

Having a roof maintneance contract with a Beaumont roofing contactor  like Mr Roofing Repair, an honest and professional roofing company means you can potentially avoid unexpected sever leaks, going unnoticed can lead to very expensive repairs, not only to the roof but evaluating all the water damage that was caused from letting the dmaged roof go for too long.

Being concerned about your roof when you have a problem or when a major rain storm or high winds is about to happen is never a good idea. Practice safe home measures. Contact Mr. Roofing Repair for a roof inspection and regular maintenance, serving Banning CA and Beaumont CA.

You may wonder if there are no leaks or experiencing any issues then why you need to have your roof inspected. But, this is the time for thorough checks to be made lokking for torn shingles or loose tiles and other signs of roof leaks. When your roof inspections are done by a trusted roofing contractor who know what to look for, they can spot issues that are generally unnoticed from looking at the roof from the ground these small issues could result in large expensive repairs and possibly roof replacement if ignored.

Roof inspections by Mr. Roofing Repair, a roofing contractor in Beaumont and Banning CA are all about preventative maintenance and trying to save clients money in the end, helping you get as much life out of your roof as you can get. Our inspection program is designed to do just that. Our expert roofers will inspect and identify any issues and potential problems with your roof. Following this, you will be provided with a full report on the status of your roof and what needs to be done. Should repairs or maintenance work be needed, every detail will be discussed and explained,  which can be professionally completed by our Beaumont CA roofing contractors. Have a few questions before contacting use?

Contact us today to schedule you free roof inspection.

Roof RepairRoof Replacement

Higher A Licensed Roofing Contractor 

When your roof has experienced severe damage and deterioration, whether over time or due to a recent incident, you may need to have it replaced. No matter how sturdy your roof is, it does have a life expectancy and when it starts to depreciate in quality you must make the easy choice of contacting Mr. Roofing Repair in Beaumont CA a highly trusted and professional roofing contractor serving both Banning and Beaumont.

Re-roofing is not an easy task. Unlike repairing or restoring your roof, which we do not recommend trying to "diy" your repairs this is completely replacing the roof on your building. A job of this nature is very dangerous, it is better to have a professional Beaumont roofing company or Banning roofing contractor handle this instead of you risking injury or something worse. That is why we only use factory trained roofers to ensure that you get value for money and peace of mind with an expertly replaced roof.

beaumont ca roofing company roofing repairs
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